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January 21, 2009
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Miten the Ninja Kitten by xraiko Miten the Ninja Kitten by xraiko
Contest finalist here: [link]

I was meant to depict my friend Miten as a pokemon so it's really "Mituu" the ninja kitten.
The whole him-being-a-pokemon thing began one day during a guild party quest on Maple Story (where random things occur with random people from the WiSH guild =D).
I didn't have any idea what to do for the background so I might change it in the future.

How to distinguish Miten from other kittens:
He has a light brown coat and sapphire colour eyes. He is extremely agile and can sneak up behind you without disturbing the surroundings. He likes pink things, pink shoes especially. But he'll only wear those during break time.

NAME: Miten (pronounced 'mitten' ) the Ninja Kitten

ORIGIN: When the world was at peace, Miten is a skilled hockey-playing kitty. But when darkness began to engulf the land, Miten took on the identity of Ninja Kitten!

PERSONALITY: Miten is a happy-go-lucky kitten and is kind to others. When provoked by evil, he will stay calm and collected. But at the same time, he would be calculating an efficient plan to defeat the enemy.

POWERS: Even though Miten is a kitty, he can speak just one word, "mituu"! I guess this gives him the extra cuteness. He has superb dexterity and agility to allow him to move around undetected. However, he does not possess any supernatural powers (with the exception that he is a ninja cat...) and can only attack using physical weapons.

WEAPONRY: He can throw as many as six shurikens at a time. He doesn't really specialise with bokkens but he keeps them around just in case of close range attacks.

EXTRAS: Miten likes pink things for an odd reason which no one knows. He especially likes his pink shoe collection.
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Carrynpet Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2014  New member
ninja kittens are awesome
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This pic is even cuter than my friend's puppy, and my friend's puppy is cute!
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cute :giggle:
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very cute
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To cute!! I love it!!
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awh dats just soooo f#%*ing cute :)
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wow thats cool
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